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Yes dug a hole next to the first tee. Three her on, charged her estate 150 grand for membership. 20 grand a year for maintenance, getting a tax incentives in income, property, and sales and use taxes. There are 499 more plots available. That would be Joe bidens America. The very worst of places to ever live. Outrageous gas prices, energy dependence on countries that want us annihilated, bowing to our enemies like cowards, food prices and upcoming food shortages, more pointless wars backing corrupt governments, more taxes, and lie after f-ing lie! Joe Bidens America is the equivalent of the giant pile of dinosaur crap in the original jurassic park.

WARNING: Every patriotic Americans needs to get online and expose CPAC. It is controlled by our enemy Putin who took it over in 2017 after he successfully rigged in puppet trump. All messaging coming from CPAC is Russian fascist anti American propaganda. You will also hear a lot of neo Nazi white supremicists talk, and lots of bashing of women and gays. Women are considered chattel and sex toys. Gays are considered subhumans. Anyone for a fair democracy is considered the enemy, along with Ukraine and NATO. There will be talk by fascist dictator Orban and American traitors to weaken NATO and stop aiding Ukraine. This is so Putin can rebuild the USSR, then ally with china and crush the US and west. Likely you will also see gross promotions of traitor Trump the next Putin puppet in line Ron Desatanis. These are RINOS controlled by Russia and Putin fascism, not real Republicans. Yu may also see a lot of the pro assault rifles for everyone NRA extremists, because Putin has been funding both Trump and the NRA since 1999. Rand Paul, Matt Gaetz, any Republicans from Florida, these are all Russian paid anti American assets. PLus Gov Abbott will welcome this Russian fascist circus to town, and he has revealed himself as a crooked racist and creator of gun massacres and energy grid gouging and failures. Abbott will soon be beaten by Beto O’Rourke a true man of the people like Charlie Crist in Florida who will beat DeSatanis.

A pretty on point question, which I have thought about asking myself, but was afraid Quora moderation might find fault with. Sometimes the moderators tend to have a hair trigger on insults from right to left, as opposed from left to right. If you read any of Saul Alinsky’s stuff (like “Rules for Radicals”), who basically believes that the “ends justify the means”, throwing any sort of “insult” towards opposing factions is a good “tactic”, and is effective because the target doesn’t know how to respond. A lot of Alinsky’s views and strategy are mirrored here on Quora. It’s just a testament about what the left is all about, which is BS.

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