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Simone Biles withdraws from 2020 Olympics gymnastics team final Clinical psychologist Dr. Katherine Kuhlman joins ‘Fox Business Tonight’ to discuss the legendary gymnast’s voluntary dismissal: ‘There’s a lot of pressure on these athletes to perform well.’ Jessica Springsteen remembers attending a show-jumping event growing up in New Jersey, when she dreamed of reaching the sport’s highest level but also understood how long it might be even if she did. “It’s going to take me forever to get there,” she thought then. “It just seemed so, so far away,” she says. If anything, the goal was even further away than the young rider imagined. And yet Springsteen, who is in Tokyo as an Olympic show jumper, has reached it far earlier than most. THE 2021 OLYMPICS ARE TURNING INTO A $20 BILLION BUST FOR JAPAN Springsteen, 29 years old and the No. 14-ranked jumper in the world, isn’t just the youngest member of the American contingent. She’s far younger than most of her peers. The average age of the other top-15 riders in the world: 39.

Official Tcu funky town T-shirt

philanthropic leader to direct the fund, according to a new job listing. “The Director will oversee the fund’s day-to-day operations and will also be tasked with developing future strategies,” the listing states. “The ideal candidate has previous leadership experience from a 501(c)(3) organization and has worked in fast-paced, constantly changing environments, and adapts well in ambiguous circumstances.” Portnoy for months had been sharing video submissions from restaurant owners asking to be part of the fundraising effort on social media. GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HERE He had also been sharing videos of restaurant owners reacting to news that they had been chosen to take part in The Barstool Fund, with a number of restaurant and store owners who appeared to be on the verge of tears after hearing from Portnoy directly. “We’re going to start this thing up, and hopefully, make a huge difference not only during COVID but for the future [for] small businesses of the United States,” the Barstool founder said Tuesday.

Official Tcu funky town T-s Hoodie

Barstool’s Portnoy starts fund to help save small businesses Will Cain on Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy Dave Portnoy, founder of media company Barstool Sports, on Wednesday said his charity fund for small businesses that began during COVID-19 is here to stay. Portnoy launched the fundraising effort called “The Barstool Fund” in December of 2020 with the nonprofit 30-Day Fund for small businesses impacted by the pandemic and contributed $500,000 of his own money toward the effort. It has since raised more than $41 million for 443 local businesses. “We’ve decided to turn The Barstool Fund into a full-time charity. Something that will be existing not only during COVID, and hopefully COVID doesn’t come back … but [for] decades and making positive impacts for entrepreneurs, which I truly believe are the backbone of the United States,” Portnoy said in an Instagram video published Tuesday. As the country began to open back up in the spring and summer of 2021, the fund’s soliciting efforts “slowed down,” and Barstool initially planned to put the fund to rest, Portnoy said earlier in the video. 30-DAY FUND FOUNDERS PLEDGE $1M TO BARSTOOL FUND FOR SMALL BUSINESSES “The more we thought about it, the more I thought about it — because people kept asking, ‘How do we donate? How do we help?’ — it’s like, why are we getting rid of The Barstool Fund?” he said. “We’ve done something very special, very unique, and we’ve created a brand and a name that people trust. They know that when you donate to The Barstool Fund, we’ll get the money and get it to small businesses instantly.” Portnoy, known among other things for his reviews of pizza at small shops across the country, added that contributing to small businesses is something he’s “super passionate about.” KID ROCK COMMITS 6 FIGURES TO BARSTOOL SPORTS FUND FOR SMALL BUSINESSES Barstool is now looking for a

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