Louis Vuitton Envisions A Positive Path Forward For Cruise 2022

An avid fan of modern architecture, Nicolas Ghesquière hosted Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2022 show on Tuesday at Ax Majeur, an urban sculpture in the northwestern suburbs of Paris by The late Dani Karavan. This massive structure boasts structural features that symbolize the time and pace of human life while also celebrating art and nature – all concepts commonly referred to in his work. creative director and certainly in this collection.

For his latest outing, Ghesquière borrowed from the peaceful and simple geometry of the site – a nearly two-mile straight street punctuated by bright red – presenting regional-style outfits. resort with cheerful colors and eye-catching prints. The garments feel like playwear, prepared to really redo everything, with sporty half-zip details, initials bubble hemline with adjustable elastic band, skates Adult, padded shoulders and hooded sleeves. Slippery leather trims (e.g. high-waisted sweatpants and a patent orange pocket-sleeve sleeveless dress) give the collection an interesting element. Standout accessories include a chunky leash bag and trendy western-inspired pointed-toe boots.

Overall, the Cruise 2022 is a functional, wearable but still aspirational and transportable product from the French label. “A collection of proud, positive looks moves straight ahead, serenely,” Ghesquière said in the program notes. “They are a picture of harmony in an environment that is near yet so far away, borderless and open to adventure. One needs nothing more than the best part of a passport: creativity. Like always, it is unlimited and free.”

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